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​Stems4u's THE HIT LIST -  is a unique Flower Delivery and Massage Service located on Long Island, New York started in February 2012.  It was an idea of being able to express oneself through a creative delivery service with class, and to become the new catalyst in how flowers are meant to be delivered.  Those who order flowers to be delivered should not have to deal with just a convenience, but also know that the meaning is also conveyed in its presentation of how it is given.  Flowers give that extra boost in love, friendship, rekindle old and new relationships, and sometimes give character to those whose send them.  We chose to show that in a delivery.

The Stems4u philosophy is to provide an opportunity for our customers to express their emotions in a creative yet classy way. Our service encourages those to think of those that receive flowers as not someone who deserves to be ordinary, or to deal with a service that doesn't represent the gesture -  but to feel special. We will make available the sounding board to express emotions by delivery in any type of relationship good or bad. We will strive to be a role model in delivery and cooperate in a shared endeavor of serving the customers best intentions.

The mission of our Long Island flower delivery service is to help all of those who wish to express their true sentiments, express their gratitude, and share their status in life through a personal, classy, and out of the  When you know they deserve better - "ORDINARY...just won't do." 
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"ORDINARY...just won't do"
You want to make sure the delivery get there? Choose THE HIT LIST® - T.A.G. We're I.T. (Trust A Guarantee We're ITime)