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Gangster Flower Delivery FAQs

​The following are frequently asked questions about our Classy Flower delivery service. If you have any other questions regarding Long Island flowers or our Massage Therapy services, feel free to call us at 1-855- 4 The Hit.

1) Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes. Our website is secure and safe for all orders.  We only use PayPal for secure purchases.

2) Will the person know who sent the package?

We have an option for our customers. You can remain anonymous, or you can let the recipient know who put them on the HIT LIST on the special delivery letter they will receive with the HIT.

3) Which credit cards or payment types are accepted?

Every major credit card - Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

4) What happens after I place a HIT (order)?

Once the HIT is placed, the HIT will be carried out the next day or next scheduled date you have entered.

5) How do I check the status of my HIT?

Once the HIT is completed, your HITMAN will give you a brief call confirming your target has been HIT on the phone number you provided.

6) What if there is a problem with my order?

Make sure all information is correct when the HIT LIST is being prepared. If all information is accurate and you are still experiencing a problem, please call one of our customer service representatives and we will try to help you resolve any issues you are experiencing.

7) How are the stems packaged?

It will be encased in a black box, tissue paper, and with a ribbon around the box.  This is to avoid the recipient of knowing what is delivered. Inside, it will have a plastic vase instead of an Eiffel tower glass black vase, and without the rose head on the stems. A contract is placed within the box with one of the quotes you have chosen.  It will still be a beautiful display as our other packages, but this time with a different emotion attached. 

8) Can I request a male/female HITMAN?

Male/female HITMEN can be requested as long as the order is placed at least three days in advance by calling our customer service.  Charges may apply for special services.
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